By: Edyta Blaszczyk


Today I had the fantastic opportunity of covering the basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Let’s just say that for my first NBA game, a double overtime with the Clippers coming out on top with a 117-109 win was the best introduction I could have had.

How did I get such a privilege you ask? Well fellow DE reporters Luis Medina, Jeff Engelhardt and I were sent out on the road to cover the Wooden Tradition where Purdue will challenge Davidson and SIU will take on St. Mary’s in good ‘ole Indianapolis in the Conseco Fieldhouse. The offer to cover the Pacers – Clippers game was given to anyone who would be covering the Wooden Tradition. Luis then worked his magic with the media relations crew and got us our wonderful media passes. Bless the soul of whoever came up with that idea, because of him or her, Luis, Jeff and I rocked out at our first NBA game as reporters…or visual reporters in my case.

I would like to share with all the world how my experience went.

First off, we were treated exceptionally well in the Media Services room. We were fed well with the buffet that included salads, mostaccioli, pizza, and breadsticks. Not to forget the desert island. Yum. On the tables were also bowls of delicious popcorn. The one thing that felt awkward was that there was a fellow whose job is to walk around and pick up after everyone and refill drinks. I just simply wanted to throw out my own plate and refill my own drink.

With 10 minutes left until gametime, we set off to our assigned locations and started to work. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the tall players (I’m 5’3″) I have to admit. After getting accustomed to it all, I got in my groove and shot away.

I had some pretty interesting moments happen to me when my shutter wasn’t going off. One would be getting tips and laughs from a photographer that sat next to me. Another was getting hit on by one of the mascots every time he came on the court. He “kissed” my hand, stole my camera bag, danced sexy for me, and insisted on me calling him. After the game, this fellow photographer told me he saw me turn bright red from the catwalk. Another photographer, Frank McGrath, who was sitting next to me decided to take photos, as seen below. I’m excited and curious to know what the guy looks like under his helmet. Guess I’ll never know.


One thing that Luis and Jeff have started teasing me for is my new found crush on the Pacers forward Josh McRoberts.

josh mcroberts

I guess I have a thing for tall white guys with scruffy beards, like Kyle Orton. But that’s neither here nor there.

The Pacers ended up losing in a tight game, but it was an experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Thanks Media Services people for the Pacers.